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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Dark and groovy sludge doom, love this !! Download of the week... Favorite track: Howling Abyss/Pathways Into Darkness.
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released November 13, 2015

Richard Arnold - Drums
Thomas Kwong - Bass, Vocals
Glenn Stanley - Guitar, Vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Rupel at Blank Wall Recording
Cover art by Dan Wieken




Bisento Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: The Drowning
Take me under.

take me.

Following the sounds of the waves that call to me.
Breathless, I dive. The waves, envelop me.
Open your arms and I would never leave.
Water - not blood - binds eternally.
Track Name: Coven of the Core
Black mass soaring through the dark galaxy.
Ripped from the sun, wandering aimlessly.
Nameless rogue, its path sacred energy.
Feed your soul, increase the velocity.

Light a candle for the ones before you.
Secrets of the core, awaken prophesy.
Ancient sigil smiting all gravity.
Feed your soul, maintain the velocity

Ancient furnace sustains life.
Blood and souls our sacrifice.
Every bone a source of kindling.
In the dark, our world still burning.
Track Name: Glacial Lich
Rise, entombed emperor.
Rise, ancient predator.
Hear the baleful prophecy.
Hear the call of vengeance.

Howling from the hillside, we drive them from our peak; reclaiming our birthright.
Bodies of their children, lie butchered in the street. Corpses mark our passage.
Across the barren tundra, their dead will join our ranks; eldritch bonds of fealty.
Battle after battle, the blood mixing with ice, Saturn's titan rises.

Frozen sorcerer, cloaked in blight. Power.
Call the nocturne. Quench the light. Hunger.
Ruinous powers claim a life. Terror.
Track Name: Howling Abyss/Pathways Into Darkness
"Howling Abyss"

Every day, it grows louder.
You almost make out words.
Marooned alone in your ship.
near this screeching precipice.

Instruments oscillate.
Isolation pulls and grates.
There is nothing on your side.
Surely, this can't be right.

Tear open your suit.

"Pathways Into Darkness"

Earth and bones, name the dead.
Pyrrhic victor, torch the sacred.

Nuclear hellfire, save us.
Alien plot.
Nuclear hellfire, save us.
Dreaming god.
Nuclear hellfire, save us
worthless dogs.
Nuclear hellfire, save us.
Oh, god.
Track Name: Enslavers
Creature...from a dark galaxy
Searching...for a host psyche
Forcing...their thoughts are reality
Plaguing...mind-melding tyrant

Preying on the remnants of death,
Psychic stalker, warp predator
Destroying dimensions to feast upon you mind,
Enslaver, master, we all follow blind.

Shackled to a desk until we die.
Mountains of debt that scrape the sky.
Toil and achievement all turn to waste.
Buried in a trench that we can't escape.